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Companies, organizations and individuals that value creative counsel, personal service and technical expertise will benefit most from working with a graphics, printing and distribution services project manager. Whether you are a small business or a large member based organization, T.DOGG Studios has the experience to bring value to your communications or marketing budget.
Our Commitment to You

Our promise as communications project managers is to better help you select the most effective way to design, produce and distribute your printed materials.

We coordinate the entire project — format, budget, scheduling, design, prepress, production, packaging and mailing — and assume responsibility for the results. By allowing you to focus on the finished product and not those endless details, it's like having years of communications, marketing, design and print purchasing experience on staff.

T.DOGG Studios will manage your printing and design projects for you, the way you would if you had our time, experience and extensive network of partners. Contact us today.

  • Think it!

    Advanced planning is critical to your project's success. After discussing your goals, we will present the budgets and timelines to get you there.

  • Design it!

    Your organization's brand is everything. Our creative services can enhance your message to ensure it is read by the intendend audience.

  • Print it!

    Project management of everything from short run digital jobs to traditional production and distribution of magazines, brochures, booklets and other collateral.

Some of our Work

From branding to publications and everything in-between, our creative services can enhance your organization's image.
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"A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."

– Antoine de Saint-Exupery


Throughout this site, T.DOGG Studios is referred to by plural pronouns. That's really just a thin veil of semantic wizardry and we're going to let you peek behind the curtain... T.Dogg Studios is just one guy managing an an extensive network of marketing professionals, creative designers, talented photographers, sharp writers, printing craftspeople, finishing tradespeople, mailing experts and a few technology geeks. With out them, there would be no T.DOGG Studios, so "we" feel justified using those plural pronouns while boasting about "our" skills.
Trever R. Barker
Trever R. Barker
Project Strategist
With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Trever can help you discover new ways to achieve your print communication goals – on budget, on time and looking good.
Trever R. Barker
Trever R. Barker
Creative Director
High school yearbook editor. Designer of mixed tape covers and fake IDs in college. Addy Award Winner. The creative talent to ensure your next project has just the right look.
Trever R. Barker
Trever R. Barker
Production Manager
Riding a square wheeled unicycle while juggling chainsaws is nothing compared to what this guy does all day. If you want all the details to come together to a grand finale, he’ll get it done.


T.DOGG Studios has been serving the graphic design, print management and distribution services needs of Sacramento area firms since 2002 but some of our clients have been around longer than the name. Many of them have said some pretty nice things about us over the years. Here's a few that provide insight into how we work and how we could benefit your organization.

Work With Us

The best time to bring in a design, print and distribution services manager is when you first start thinking about the project.
Tell us what you're working on and we'll help you get the best value for your printing dollars.